RL003: (Solo Round) How to Become a Renaissance Man / Renaissance Woman today.

Episode 3 · January 17th, 2017 · 21 mins 26 secs

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How to Become a Renaissance Man / Renaissance Woman today

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Becoming Renaissance

  1. Choose a set of skills (3 - 5) you would love to be a master.
  2. Make them into daily habits by practicing in a small way. make it something stupid small, the easier it is, the more likely you'll make a habit out of it.
  3. Prioritize your skill list. Choose one that's the most important to you RIGHT NOW, focus on it first. Build up your abilities in that skill before pursuing the next. Developing multiple skills at once is possible, but it's far more likely (and easy) if you stick with one at a time.

  4. Study the greats of today and from history. Who is a master in what you want to do already? What can you learn from their path? What systems do they have in place?

  5. Add regular feedback, and measurements to your routine to get the most improvement in the shortest amount of time. Remember, what gets measured get's managed. Measure things in a way that is easy rather than difficult. If it takes longer to measure than it does to practice your skill, figure out a way to simplify.
    Simplify simplify simplify.

Mastery happens on the day to day. Whatever we can do to set up our day right to practice our skills will create space for us to become mastery in them.


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